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Weidon Technology was founded in 2000. During the initial stage, we focused on the parts development and research for semiconductor industry. The main customers are tsmc, umc and ProMOS.
In 2009, due to the energy price soars up sharply, most factories of variant industries have to face up the problem of energy wasting in their heating and drying processes of production, then need to bring out more effective solutions. Therefore, Weidon Technology starts devoting to the R & D of high-efficiency ways of heating and drying.
Infrared heating technology has been a mature and popular option of heating approaches in many countries. But, because the energy cost in Taiwan was not high comparing to other countries, most of Taiwan’s factories are not aware of the demand for the request of high efficient heating technology.
After our long-term, serious in-house testing and affirming, we are sure the IR technology is a MUST option for Taiwan’s factories if they are seeking for an energy-saving, time-saving and space-saving heating and drying technology.
Weidon Technology imports the high quality Infrared Emitters from Europe. Our technical team is capable of providing professional testing for our customers from the very first stage. Testing is performed to learn what wavelength of IR, what power density and process time is required to achieve customer’s request. After testing, we are capable of designing the mechanism (add-on or standalone), manufacturing and installing for customers according to the test result.
Weidon Technology now is the most professional team of providing the Infrared Emitters heating and drying solution in Taiwan after many practical experience of years.